Watch Daniel Radcliffe’s Original Audition For The Part Of Harry Potter- It’s Adorable

It’s hard to believe that the first Harry Potter film was released nearly 15 years ago- but eight blockbusters, millions in the bank and one of the most well known faces later it turns out Daniel can’t stand to watch his first audition back.

The now 26-year-old actor revealed over the weekend that someone had sent him a YouTube link to his first audition but he found it a little hard to watch.


He said: ” “Oh s***! OK …;” and explained he didn’t like watching himself acting as a child because he was ‘at a stage when you hate your face anyway, and anything it does is repellent to you’…;don’t worry Dan we’ve all been there.

Watch the clip here for yourself:

The five minute clip shows Daniel practicing his lines and chatting about dragon eggs and the sorcerer’s stones- and it’s possibly the most adorable thing you will ever watch.

Throughout the clip the future Harry even starts giggling making it clear exactly why director Chris Columbus was so desperate to cast him as the lead role.

Originally Daniel’s parents were not keen on their young boy playing the part of Harry and turned the part down due to filming originally being planned to take place in Los Angeles.

However after some renegoation the filming changed to the UK and the rest was history.