Euro, pound slip two days before Brexit vote

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The euro and British pound edged lower Tuesday, just two days before the market-rattling Brexit referendum, with the “remain” and “leave” camps running almost even in the polls.

The euro lost 0.5 percent on the dollar, to $1.1259, and the pound fell 0.3 percent to $1.4675.

The pound, though, remained well above the $1.41 level it hit a week ago when fears were highest that the “leave” vote would win.

US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen warned of “significant economic repercussions” if Britain breaks with the 28-member European Union.

Meanwhile, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi said it was preparing for “all possible contigencies.”

“It s difficult to speculate about one outcome instead of another,” Draghi said in a Brussels hearing.

“We ve done all preparation that is necessary now.”